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YO Labs Trusted Tester Community

YO Labs Trusted Tester Community 
Data Collection Policy


Data Collection. YO Labs may: (a) collect information regarding your use of the test products; and (b) disclose such information (excluding your personal information) to third parties. Examples of information we may collect and disclose to third parties include two categories: (1) product usage data (data gathered in the course of interactions with you via SMS, voice, and in-app chat; (2) data about you that we enter in our databases, (3) data gathered via the mobile app; and (4) data related to the testing (application data, personal profiles, test platforms, surveys, conversations with Centercode).

We will use the personal information you provide to: 
(1) identify appropriate candidates for product tests.  From time to time we may also use it for aggregate research purposes.  We don’t sell this information, and we don’t share this information for purposes other than these tests.  Beyond your basic member profile, you can choose how much information you provide, understanding that providing more information increases the opportunities available to you, as we can better target you for those opportunities.
(2) communicate with tester candidates.

If you’re selected to participate in product tests, and actively choose to join (which will involve completing both participation and non-disclosure agreements, which indicate your willingness to share your personal information), your information will continue to be available under the terms of those agreements.  

If at any point you’d like to remove your account, you are free to do so.  Upon leaving, your personal information will be removed from the Centercode platform, however other non-personal data will remain.

YO Labs reserves the right to transfer your personal information to any commonly controlled affiliate of YO Labs.